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    Investment Management For Beginners

    Without a question, it is quite difficult to accumulate long-term wealth without consulting with a professional wealth management advisor. While most business owners understand the importance of hiring a financial advisor to manage their assets, but what is investment management? Investment management is a great financial service for investors, who want to accumulate assets effectively over time. If you are not a wealthy investor, you most likely live a frugal life and work a nine-to-five job to save money. But there are some beneficial financial tools in place to help you become more confident about your future financial life. As asset management experts with offices in Vancouver and Toronto, we are pleased to explain the benefits of investment management in Canada.


    Canadian Investment Management for Beginners Explained

    Investors all possess one thing in common; they want to build wealth to meet their long-term financial goals. This can be managed by accumulating capital to purchase profitable investments. But sometimes an investor doesn't have the time, nor the resources, to effectively manage their wealth alone, which is why most investors seek the guidance of professional wealth management companies.


    Investment management, otherwise known as asset management, is a financial service that caters to wealthy individuals, who want to preserve their investments. As wealth management experts in Vancouver and Toronto, we understand how to keep our client's growth targets in mind. Most importantly, we understand the importance of providing sound money management advices on products and financial solutions.


    Wealth Management Goals

    Wealth management is a financial service, through which the opportunities around various markets and economies are explored and exploited in order to build wealth for investors. Investment managers are constantly researching markets to quantify risk for their clients. We, at ABC Financial Advisor, use the best of our knowledge and capabilities to make sure a client's portfolio is diverse based on their risk threshold. Please keep in mind that investment management can also include budgeting, banking, trusts, and tax services. As a Vancouver investment management firm with office in Toronto, we will do everything needed to meet our clients’ objectives.


    Canada Investment Management Tips

    Investment management, generally known as money management, is being used by a variety of people and organizations. A retail investor is the one, who wants to save money for specific goals, whether if for retirement, children's education, or business establishment. On the other side, investment management firms are capable to accommodate large institutions, organizations, and even government bodies. In other words, we are well-prepared to serve any group of individuals, who would aim to invest their wealth to meet financial goals.


    Building Your Asset Management Strategy

    Canadian residents living in large cities like Toronto and Vancouver must understand the importance of asset management services to build the necessary long-term wealth. Hence, it is important to start saving money, when you are young, by consulting with a wealth management company that specializes explaining the benefits of investment management. Whether you are looking for a Toronto asset management company or a wealth management company in Vancouver, you deserve the best financial advice to help you plan for your future.


    It is always better to consult a local financial advisor, as they tend to have experienced dealing with the financial laws in your area. Most clients find it is easy to visit the office of their investment manager to get issues resolved quickly. If you are looking for a financial advisor, you should consult an asset management expert that understands the importance of planning an investment strategy ahead of time. Although many people realize it late, it is better to start investing at a young age, when a person can take more risks. As people start to get older and have family and kids, their investment strategy and risk horizon might normally start to change.


    Different Types of Investments

    Whether you are an experienced investor, or you are looking for tips on investment management for beginners, we recommend you to hire a financial advisor to learn, how to start investing while you are young. Below are some basic investment opportunities for millennials. Unfortunately, most schools and colleges have so far failed to teach students about managing money.



    A kind of loan, in which the interest is granted by institutions, start-up companies, or governments. Capital is given by investors and they will receive an interest for their capital investment. Each bond will have a specific life span, where the original capital amount must be returned to investors.



    A popular platform, in which companies issue shares that can be bought by investors. The risk profile in the stock market is higher compared to bonds, but the potential returns may be larger as well.


    Real-Estate Properties

    Infrastructural and commercial properties are sometimes the preferred medium, compared to residential homes. While the process of acquiring and selling properties takes longer, compared to bonds and stocks, but they are the relatively more stable investments in long term.


    Professional Wealth Management Services in Canada

    For personal investment management decisions, it is primarily important to fully recognize and understand your short- and long-term financial goals. It is also important to assess your current sources of income. For example, while a person, who is working in a large company, can expect weekly pay-checks, self-employed professionals (like lawyers, dentists, and doctors) may expect fluctuations in their earnings. If the investor is looking for high returns on their investments, the wealth manager might advise on riskier investment strategies. However, if the investor's risk tolerance or time horizon are lower, they will have some other options in place, such as corporate bonds, etc. At ABC Financial Advisor, we specialize in explaining the best investment options available to our clients, including financial tips and tricks for wealth management.


    Asset Management and Tax Management

    Most employees and organizations pay a substantial amount of taxes on their income and are not properly aware of their tax saving options. Our team of Vancouver and Toronto investment management specialists explain these options to new investors, so that they can reduce the amount of taxes they pay, which will ultimately affect the amount they can save for their retirement. As experienced financial advisors, we deal with a large number of investors, who need trusted information. Every investor should understand the basics of investment, including but not limited to the best practices required to ensure that their investments remain safe.


    The Procedure of Purchasing An Investment

    In order to process an investment application, the financial advisor will offer a number of options for making the payment, such as using a cheque, an online payment, or a direct debit from your bank account. As soon as the application for the investment is received, it will be processed to ensure that it has all the information, needed by the asset management company, handling the investment. In case of any mis-match in the data, the investor will be contacted for clarifications and corrections on the data. The investor will then receive a notification, providing the details of his/her investment. The confirmation of the investment may be sent in the electronic form by email or SMS, or in the hard copy form in mail. The processing time for different investment options will vary; hence, it is advisable to find out the processing time at the time of purchasing your investment. If a confirmation of the investment is not received, it is advisable to contact the financial advisor, who will find out the reason for the delay.


    Benefits of Seeking Asset Management Experts

    In the first step, every financial advisor works closely with his/her client to define their investment objectives. The investment objectives may differ based on the specific goals of each client. Some people may wish to purchase a house or a car in near future, while others may wish to save money so they can retire early and travel the world. Build your investment strategy with a financial advisor that understands how to choose investment options that are more likely to give you the desired returns.


    When hiring a financial advisor, make sure to inform them of your goals and objectives as they can definitely assess and explain whether your goals are realistic based on your current financial status. If they are not realistic, the financial advisor will guide the investor on their next best options. While every investor would like to get the best possible returns on their investment, one must remain level-headed and avoid investments that are too good to be true. There are several offers that promise lucrative returns, and most those investments are Ponzi schemes or scams. Learn how to stay away from making bad investment decisions by hiring a wealth management company that also has offices in Vancouver and Toronto.


    Professional Asset Management Specialist

    The very first financial advice would be to find a reputable financial advisor to get an introduction to investment management. An experienced professional can explain the intricacies of financial investing, and the precautions needed to ensure that your money stays safe. A financial advisor can also explicate how to assess your current investment portfolio. We highly recommend that all investors should periodically review their investment portfolio with a financial advisor. The goal of investment management services is to maximize the profits, while reducing the losses by staying on the top of the current markets.


    Every individual should have some knowledge of basic investment management, so that they can manage their finances to get the best possible returns. Experienced financial advisors in Canada, like ABC Financial Advisor, offers a wide range of comprehensive financial services including insurance management, estate planning, retirement planning, investment management, and much more. Individuals that require financial investment advices are advised to contact us today for a wealth management consultation. Call us now to meet with one of our financial advisors today!


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