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How will financial meetings be run by financial advisors?

a) At every meeting, financial education is provided face-to-face to every client at absolutely no-expense/no-obligation.

b) The client will gain various valuable knowledge about the best available options.

c) As a result, s/he will be able to make his/her financial life's decisions wisely.

d) If the client decides to purchase an investment or insurance product/service, there are government-regulated fees. Our financial advisors will make sure to provide the best-affordable options.

What are the costs for clients?

Please kindly find the summarized details on customer fees:

a) Financial meetings are at zero expense and no obligation.

b) If after financial meetings, you make your decision to purchase any product, you might need to pay some fees or commissions to banks or insurance companies, but nothing to ABC Financial Advisor.

c) However, please kindly note that insurance products involve zero fee at all. Only investment products (such mutual funds) involve some fees by the companies.

d) Our financial advisors will never charge any client for their services, meetings, etc. In fact, there will be absolutely no fee or transaction between clients and financial advisors.

How can I book a meeting?

a) All meetings can be easily booked through our website.

b) If you live in Toronto or Vancouver, you can book for in-person meetings.

c) In all other provinces of Canada, we will soon arrange the face-to-face meetings.

How do I trust the products/services?

a) All the products/services are legalized by the government and they protect you against fraud.
b) It does not mean that you won't lose money, because every investment has a risk of loss, but it means that nobody is permitted to deceive you or steal your money.

Will I have guaranteed return on my investments?

a) Only governmental bonds and GICs can provide some kind of guaranteed returns.

b) From the economic perspective, there is a direct correlation between risk and return, which means the more risk you take, the higher the possibility of your received return will be.

c) Thus, according to your specific financial situation and goals, our financial advisors will provide you the best options in order to ensure the highest possible earning for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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