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Client Referral System
Client Referral System
Form A or B
Form A or B

To All Business Owners and Employees

All individuals are deeply welcomed to refer their respected clients to us. Our expertise is to provide comprehensive financial advices to your clients at no-expense/no-obligation.



Two types of referrals

Form A: You obtain your clients' consent to provide their contact details in Form A and we will contact them to arrange a financial meeting for them.

Form B: You provide your clients with our marketing materials. In this case, please complete Form B, and we will call you to discuss the details.



Referral Fee

In either ways, if any of your clients ultimately decides to buy a product/service, there will be a government-regulated referral fee (20-100 CAD per client), which will be paid to you monthly. Due to privacy issues, we will never disclose the clients' decisions with you. Alternatively, we have arranged a system, in which whenever any of your referred clients signs a contract, the system will automatically allocate the related fee to your account.